About ResoASK

ResoASK is Resonance Academic & Services Knowledge, During Admission times, students and parents interact with multiple people in Resonance and ask a multitude of questions of varying nature.
While some queries are easily answered, some questions do stump the counsellor himself. In such scenario, the counsellor may consult others, or he/she may provide wrong or misleading Answers to the student or parent. This leads to either wrong commitment, breach of trust & ultimately loss of business.

FAQs about Resonance

A. About Resonance

Q. 1. What is the origin story of Resonance Eduventures?

Answer: Resonance Eduventures was established on 11-April-2001 in Kota, Rajasthan. Initially it used to offer only classroom courses for IIT-JEE [Now JEE (Main + Advanced)] Examination. Gradually it grew to include classroom, distance learning and online courses in JEE (Main), JEE (Adv.), NEET, AIIMS, Commerce & Law (CLPD), Junior Division (PCCP), Board Preparation (PSPD) and Multiple Exams (ResoMEx). Today it is present in more than 50 cities of India.

Q. 2. How many Study Centres of RESONANCE are there in India?

Answer: Resonance has a national network of study centres in 52 cities of India, 30 integrated classroom programs and 74 test centres.

FAQs about Resonance

B. Results

Q. 3. What is the result of RESONANCE JEE-Main Division & Pre-Medical Division in 2019?

Answer: Resonance produced remarkable result in 2018 as
JMD: Total 24350 students qualified JEE (Main)
PMD: Total 3967 students qualified NEET & 41 students got qualified for AIIMS

Q. 4. Out of total qualified students from JMD & PMD in 2018, how many were from Classroom Contact Program?


Particulars Overall Selections Classroom Contact Program Selections Exclusive selections from Kota SC
JEE (Main) 2019 29834 21916 3155
NEET (2019) 3829 2298 474
AIIMS (2019) 32 25 9

FAQs about Resonance

C. Contact Details

Q. 5.How can I reach RESONANCE C.G. Tower 2?

Answer: You Can reach RESONANCE with the help of Location Map and our address is CG Tower – 2 [A-51 {A}], Behind City Mall, Jhalawar Road, Kota {Raj.} – 5

Q. 6. How can I contact RESONANCE for JEE (Main) & Pre-Medical inquiry?

Answer: You can enquire about JMD & PMD Courses and other information either by calling on our help-line numbers; 0744-2777888 (PMD)/0744-2777744 (JMD), or you can also visit RESONANCE office CG Tower – 2 (JMD/PMD) at our office timings between 9: 30 AM – 06: 00 PM.

Q. 7. How can I contact RESONANCE for JEE (Advanced) inquiry?

Answer: You can enquire about RESONANCE courses and other information either by calling on our help-line numbers; 0744-2777777, 0744-2777700 or you can also visit CG Tower, A-46 & 52, IPIA, Near City Mall, Jhalawar Road, Kota (Rajasthan).

Q. 8. Q. 8. How can I contact RESONANCE for Distance & e-Learning inquiry?

Answer: You can enquire about courses and other information either by calling on our help-desk numbers; 0744-2777756, or you can also visit, or you can also visit CG Tower, A-46 & 52, IPIA, Near City Mall, Jhalawar Road, Kota (Rajasthan).

FAQs about Resonance

D. Website

Q. 9. Is there any website where I can get the information about RESONANCE?

Answer: Yes, for any enquiry you can visit

Q. 10. Is there any website where I can get information about RESONANCE JEE-MAIN DIVISION?

Answer: Yes, you can visit

Q. 11. Q. 11. Is there any website where I can get information about RESONANCE PRE-MEDICAL DIVISION?

Answer: Yes, you can visit

FAQs about Resonance

E. Leadership Team

Q. 12.Can you tell us about the RESONANCE Leadership Team?

Answer: The Following is the Core Leadership Team of Resonance.

I. R.K. Verma: Founder, Managing Director, Head-Academics & Sr. Faculty Physics, REL

  • Resonance
  • Qualification – B. Tech, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, IIT- Madras
  • Work Experience – 24 Years
  • With RESONANCE – Founder

Lokesh Khandelwal: Co-Founder & Deputy Managing Director:
  • Resonance
  • Qualification: B.Tech., Electrical & Electronics Engineering, IIT-Kanpur, 1994
  • Work Experience: 19 Years
  • With Resonance: Co-Founder

Manoj Sharma: Executive Director (Head Pre-Medical, JEE-Main Division, PSPD & ResoMEx)
  • Resonance
  • Qualification – PGPMAX (Executive MBA), B. Tech, MBA, M.S., MSW, MID, MA (J& MC), MDPM & IR, Advanced Diploma in Management & Ph.D. (pursuing)
  • Work Exp. – 22 Years
  • With RESONANCE – Since 2002

IV. Asheesh Sharma: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Resonance
  • Qualification: B.Tech., Chemical Engineering, IIT-Kanpur, 2002
  • Work Experience: 17 Years
  • With RESONANCE: Since 2002

V. Shishir Mittal: Executive President (Academic Training and Development) & HoD Chemistry
  • Resonance
  • Qualification: B.Tech., Chemical Engineering, IIT-Bombay, 1998
  • Work Experience: 17 Years
  • With Resonance: Since 2011

VI. Ayush Goyal: Vice President (Academic Planning & Performance) & HoD Mathematics
  • Resonance
  • Qualification: B.Tech., Chemical Engineering, IIT -Madras 2003, M.S. (Purdue University, USA 2006)
  • Work Experience: 14 Years
  • With Resonance: Since 2006

VII. Chandra Shekhar Sharma: Vice President (Student Welfare) & HoD Physics
  • Resonance
  • Qualification: B.Tech., Chemical Engineering, IIT -Madras 2003, M.S. (Purdue University, USA 2006)
  • Work Experience: 14 Years
  • With Resonance: Since 2006


FAQs about Admission Process

F. Course Details

Q. 13.Can you tell us about the RESONANCE Leadership Team?

Answer: RESONANCE Pre-Medical Division was introduced in Session 2011-2012.

Q. 14. Q. 14. What are the Classroom courses offered by Resonance for JEE (Main)/Pre-Medical?

Answer:Resonance Offers Various Classroom Contact Program for Following Classes:
For JEE (Main)

Courses For JEE(Main)
Type Class Course Name Course Code
YCCP 12th Promoted/Old ANOOP EP
12th Fresher/New AKHIL EF

For Pre-Medical
Courses For JEE(Main)
Type Class Course Name Course Code
YCCP 12th Promoted/Old SANKALP MP
12th Fresher/New SAMBHAV MF
*YCCP: Yearlong Classroom Contact Programme
*SCCP: Short term Classroom Contact Programme
*FCCP: Fast track Classroom Contact Programme

Q. 15. What is the difference between ABHINAV (EA) & AADHAR (EB)?

Answer: ABHINAV (EA): This course is for those who set their Target as soon as they opt for science (Maths) stream. Students who want to utilize their summer vacations rather than waiting for result takes Admission in ABHINAV (EA). During this course we help students build solid foundation of concepts and analytical approach towards problem solving. The Course duration is also longer, since ABHINAV (EA) starts earlier than AADHAR (EB).
AADHAR (EB): This course is for those who set their Target as JEE (Main) but wait for the X result, the course duration of AADHAR (EB) is less than ABHINAV (EB).

Q. 16. What is the difference between ABHYAAS (ED) & AJAY(ER)?

Answer: ABHYAAS(ED): This course is for those students who have completed or appeared in XII and want to achieve their selection in competitive examination with best guidance.
AJAY(ER): AJAY course starts in June-July-August months & end in March. However, students are given specially designed Accelerated completion packages (ACP) of PCM & online topic wise tests are made available to them during their Diwali Holidays. This ensure complete coverage of all topics of JEE (Main). The remaining topics & revision in done after January attempt, so that April attempt is even better prepared.

Q. 17. What is the difference between ANOOP (EP) & AKHIL (EF)?

Answer: ANOOP (EP): This course is for those students who studied Class XI in Resonance and now moving to class 12th. In ANOOP only class 12th syllabus is taught.
AKHIL (EF): This course is for those students who take admission after result declaration of Class XI. In this course entire syllabus of Class 11th and 12th is taught to student.

Q. 18. Is there any short-term/fast-track classroom program offered by Resonance for JEE (Main)?

Answer: Yes, Resonance offers both Short-term & Fast-track courses that is AWASAR (CC) & ARJUN (EC). AWASAR begins in September and ends before January attempt of JEE (Main) while ARJUN starts after January attempt and continues till April attempt.

Q. 19. Does RESONANCE offer any 3-year Program for Pre-Medical Preparation?

Answer: Yes, RESONANCE offers a 3-year Classroom Course “SMART” for Pre-Medical Preparation for IX to X moving students.
SMART (MT) is a 3 Year course for IX to X moving students who have decided to make their career in Medical Stream. During Class X, these students will be meticulously trained for NTSE, Olympiads, Boards and Medical Entrance Examinations as per requirement of these examinations.

Q. 20. What is the Difference between SAKSHAM (MA) & SAMARTH (MB)?

Answer: SAKSHAM (MA): This course is for medical aspirants who want to utilize their summer vacations rather than waiting for result. Such Students take Admission in SAKSHAM. During this course we help students building up solid foundation of concepts and analytical approach towards problem solving. Our specially designed syllabus covers all the topics of PRE-MEDICAL in step by step manner with confident backup to XI & XII class exams. The Course duration is also more than SAMARTH.
SAMARTH (MB): This course is for those who set their Target as PRE-MEDICAL but wait for the X result, the course duration of SAMARTH is less than SAKSHAM.

Q. 21. What is the Difference between SANKALP (MP) & SAMBHAV (MF)?

Answer: SANKALP (MP): Students who are already studying with us Class 11th in SAKSHAM & SAMARTH are promoted to SANKALP. These students study only class 12th syllabus since they have already studied half syllabus in class 11th.
SAMBHAV (MF): This course is for PRE-MEDICAL aspirants, the students who take admission after result declaration of Class XI. A student who missed the foundation course of RESONANCE in the previous year but prepared for Medical somewhere else (in some other institute or with individual teachers or on his/her own) or not prepared for medical can join this course.

Q. 22. What is the Difference between SAMPOORN (MD) & SAFAL (MR)?

Answer: SAMPOORN (MD): This course is for medical Droppers, those students who have completed or appeared in XII and want to achieve their selection in competitive examination with best guidance. The idea behind this course is to make a student learn elementary & important topics for NEET in detail in the first two months until the course is merged with SAFAL Course.
SAFAL (MR): This course is for Medical Repeaters, this is the fastest course among all the YCCP for NEET available at RESONANCE, it is assumed in this course that the students who have enrolled are thorough with the theoretical aspects of the subjects but lack the application part of formulae, concepts & approach of solving numerical problems. The course begins with conceptual learning & understanding of the fundamentals of subjects. This course run till NEET exam.

Q. 23. What are the course commencement date & duration of courses for JEE (Main)/Pre-Medical?

Answer: Resonance Starts classroom program on multiple dates which are starting from April till August and courses end between December to March.
For Details of Courses please refer to RESOGuide Page no 2, 3 & 4(Academic Calendar).

FAQs about Admission Process

G. Admission Enquiry

Q. 24. What is the criteria of Admission in JEE (Main) Division Courses at Resonance Kota Centre?

Answer: You can take direct Admission in JEE (Main) (all courses) at Kota Centre. However, you can appear for ResoASPIRE if you want a better scholarship than what you are getting.

Q. 25. Is there any Board % criteria to take admission in Resonance?

Answer: No, there is no criteria of Board marks to take admission in Resonance.

Q. 26. For a Student already enrolled in PCCP, what will be admission procedure for JEE (Main) /Pre-medical Courses?

Answer: The student will be given the application form for Rs. 100 which the student need to fill and submit at Resonance JEE (Main) Division/Pre-Medical Division.

Q. 27. Is there any distance learning Courses provided by Resonance for JEE (Main) & Pre-Medical?

Answer: Yes Resonance has a Distance & e-Learning Program Division where we provide Study Material & Online Test Series to Students from Class V to XII+.

Q. 28. For a Student already enrolled in JEE (Advanced) Division, what will be admission procedure for JEE (Main) Course?

Answer: Student can take admission directly with his/her Old Resonance Roll No. Such students have no need to buy or fill any new admission form.

Q. 29. Do you provide any demo classes?

Answer: Resonance is a reputed institute with a proper, result producing system. A student enrols with us on this trust. Therefor we do not provide any demo class which can be manipulated and misleading.

Q. 30. In which language (medium) do you provide JEE (Main) & Pre-Medical courses?

Answer: We have separate batches for both Hindi & English medium. No other medium/language course is available.

Q. 31. What is the duration of classes at RESONANCE?

Answer: Every lecture is of 90 Minutes or 105 minutes depending on course start date. Everyday 2-3 lectures are scheduled.

Q. 32. What are the timings of doubt classes?

Answer: Student can go to doubt classes from Monday to Saturday. The timings are Morning: 09: 45am to 01: 15pm and Evening: 04: 45pm to 08: 00 pm.

Q. 33. Are there any extra classes at RESONANCE?

Answer: Depending on class load and course progress, teachers can schedule extra classes for certain topics.

Q. 34. Q. 34. Is there any preparation for NCERT and Board exams along with the preparation of JEE (Main)/ Pre-Medical?

Answer: Yes, Resonance takes multiple steps to ensure that your board preparation is up to the mark. For that we provide following support:
Board Sheet
Board worksheet
Board pattern Test
Board Crash course with Test Series (optional)

Q. 35. What is typical batch strength in JEE (Main) /Pre-Medical batches?


Class JEE(Main) Pre-Medical
11th & 12th 50-70 40-70
13th 150-180 50-80

However, all our classes are well lit, with excellent sound system and air conditioning. Teacher Teaches on a raised dais and uses a large board so that every word is visible, and every sound is audible.

Q. 36. Do you provide coaching for subjects other than PCB?

Answer: Yes, we provide special classes for English, Hindi and Physical Education. However, these Classes are optional & separately charged.

Q. 37. Are there any motivation session for students?

Answer: Resonance conducts Orientation program and Open Session in which RKV Sir and HODs interact with students. They share important tips and motivate students for their future targets and address their common problems.

Q. 38. What is the criteria for admissions in various programmes of JEE (Main)/Pre-Medical?

Answer: Admission is based on First cum First serve basis for the various programmes of JEE (Main).

Q. 39. Does Resonance provide individual subject classes in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics?

Answer: No, we don’t provide classes for individual subjects in PCM.

Q. 40. Does Resonance provide home-work to the students?

Answer: Yes, after lectures teachers assign homework in the form of Daily Practice Problems (DPPs) and sheets to the students for regular day to day practice.

Q. 41. How and When Student are informed class timings and venue?

Answer: The enrolled students are informed by SMS 1 day before the class commencement about their time table and Room no.

Q. 42. What is the holiday schedule of students in between of their yearlong classroom sessions?

Answer: Resonance provides only Holidays on essential festivals & important days like:
2.Independence Day-15 August
3.Republic Day- 26 January
4.Diwali (10-15 Days leave*)
6.Eid-ul-Fitr etc.
Please refer to course planner for specific dates of Holidays.

FAQs about Admission Process

H. Fee Structure

Q. 43. What is the criteria of Admission in JEE (Main) Division Courses at Resonance Kota Centre?

Answer: For details of Fee structure please refer to RESOGuide Page no 11 & 12.

Q. 44. Can the fee be paid in instalments?

Answer: Yes, fee can be paid in two instalments. The second instalment is payable within two months. The details of instalment are available in RESOGuide Page no 11 & 12.

Q. 45. Is there any extra charge for Study material provided by Resonance?

Answer: No, there is no extra charge for study material. The total fee covers: Admission Fee, Tuition fee, caution money & GST. Study Material, -T-shirt, Umbrella, Bag, winter Jacket are all covered in tuition fee and no extra charge is required for these items.

Q. 46. Why there is difference between Kota Resonance Brach fee and other study centre Fee for JEE (Main)?

Answer: Resonance Kota Branch offers a celebratory scholarship offer of 10% flat scholarship, which is called leadership scholarship. This offer is celebrating our leadership position in JEE (Main) results in past three years.

FAQs about Admission Process

I. Scholarship

Q. 47. What kinds of Scholarship Resonance offers For JEE (Main) / Pre-Medical Division?

Answer: To motivate, reward & financially assist the deserving and meritorious students, Resonance offers Scholarships on various academic performance basis like Board %, JEE (Main), NEET, AIIMS, NTSE, KVPY, Olympiad, Single girl child, Children of Single Parent, Defence Personnel, NCC Personnel, Old RESONite, Sibling basis & special scholarship based on recommendation of Principal & Teacher.
For details of Scholarship please refer to RESOGuide Page no 19 to 22.

Q. 48. How can a student claim any scholarship?

Answer: To Claim any Scholarship Student must present relevant document. Student has to purchase a Scholarship form of ₹ 50/- from fee counter & have to submit it at Reception along with all the relevant documents.

Q. 49. Is there any scholarship Test for JEE (Main)/Pre-Medical Admission?

Answer: Yes, after purchasing Application Form you can appear in scholarship Test. (ResoASPIRE) where student can avail up to 50% scholarship on tuition Fee.

Q. 50. What is the Test mode of Scholarship (ResoASPIRE) Exam?

Answer: ResoASPIRE Test is conducted in Offline Mode only.

Q. 51. Is there any timing & specific dates for ResoASPIRE Exam?

Answer: Student can appear in Test from Monday to Sunday between 9.30 AM to 3 PM.

Q. 52. When the result of ResoASPIRE is declares?

Answer: The Result of the test is declared on same day of test.

FAQs about Admission Process

J. Application Form

Q. 53. How can we obtain the Admission Packet?

Answer: Admission Packet can be obtained in following ways:
1. In Person at nearest Study Centre.
2. By post/courier or.
3. Apply online through Website.

Q. 54. What is the cost of Admission Packet?

Answer: TThe admission packet cost for JEE (Main) & Pre-Medical Courses is Rs 500/-.

Q. 55. How to fill the application form?

Answer: Application form needs to be filled properly by student. In RESOGuide Proper guidelines to fill Application form is mentioned. Please refer page no 8 to 10.

FAQs about Admission Process

K. Fee Processes

Q. 56. What is the Admission Process at RESONANCE?

Answer: Submit filled Process for Admission at Resonance includes:

Q. 57. What are the Mode of payments for fee deposition?

Answer: You can deposit the fee in Following Ways:
1. Cash at our Fee counter (Kota/study centre)
2. Online Transfer via Payment Gateway
3. Credit/Debit Card Swiping
5. Debit Instruction
6. Demand Draft/ Pay Order
8. Paytm
For Details of Fee deposition Process please refer to RESOGuide Page no. 13

Q. 58. I belong to Kota city and I have taken admission in Jaipur Centre. Can I change my Study Centre?

Answer: Yes, you can change your study centre by paying applicable charges in Accounts section.

Q. 59. Is there any provision to change the Study Centre, Course or Medium?

Answer: Yes, the student can change their Study Centre, Course or Medium by proper counselling and by paying applicable fee.

FAQs about Teaching Methodology

L. Teaching Methodology

Q. 60. What is the Teaching Methodology followed at RESONANCE?

Answer: The following are the key points of Teaching Methodology followed at RESONANCE
• Academic Team -Resonance can boast of having one of the best Faculty Team across the Country in terms of strength, coaching experience, qualification, competence and most importantly care for the students.
• Regular Lectures -Resonance conducts regular classes for students, in which theory, formulae and may questions discussed. Sheets, DPPs and test papers are discussed in Regular classes. Each class is of 90 or 105 minutes.
• Daily Practice Problem (DPPs) - Daily Practice Problems are popularly known as DPPs. It is a set of Problems assigned to the student as a part of the Home Work and is to be attempted at home.
• Sheet -A Sheet is typically a topic wise collection of problems in each subject i.e. P, C & M. It is provided to the students as printed Study Material (topic wise).
• Doubt Discussion Classes - The Objective of Doubt Discussion Classes is to provide additional attention and care to the students. It helps those students who couldn't understand a concept at first which is now affecting their performance.
• Periodic Assessment Tests (PATs) - They are of two types: Part Tests (PTs) and Cumulative Tests (CTs).
• Academic Research and Development - The R & D Team continuously strives to reform and upgrade the Study Material to maintain equilibrium with the dynamism of JEE (Main Advanced)/JEE(Main)/NEET respectively.
• Academic Administration and Management - The Academic Management Team is supported by a Non-academic Management Team in running the Academic Management System effectively and efficiently.
• Academic Performance Analysis - Students' academic performance in each test is analyzed on various parameters at Macro Level through Students' Test Analysis Report (STAR). These parameters include individual student's performance; average performance of all the students in the course, cumulative performance, comparison with best performers etc.
• Co-Academic Arrangements - Resonance provides excellent infrastructure & facilities to create an ideal ambience for effective learning with caring and committed management and administration.
In ResoBook detail study of Resonance Teaching methodology is mentioned. Please refer to page no 4 to 6.

FAQs about Teaching Methodology

M. Study Material

Q. 61. Where and how can I get study material?

Answer: After the student has paid the fee, he can go to our material store located in basement to collect his welcome kit and study material packet. Subsequent packets are either distributed from store or on the floor itself.

Q. 62. Do you provide the entire study material at the time of admission?

Answer: It is tried to provide as much study material to student at the time of admission itself. However, some sheets may be given at a later stage as per printing schedule. Similarly, DPP modules are also released stage wise.

FAQs about Teaching Methodology

N. Regular Classes

Q. 63. What is routine class timings in Resonance?

Answer: Resonance conducts classes from morning 7.30AM to 1 PM & 3PM to 8PM. No classes are scheduled beyond these time slots.

Q. 64. I have taken the admission late in my batch. How will I cover my left syllabus?

Answer: Some extra classes like (make-up classes) can be scheduled for such students. These classes are conducted for those students who need it. For these classes student must approach reception and give a written request. The classes are then scheduled, and students are informed.

Q. 65. What are Class Timings for Pre-Medical Students?

Answer: For Class XI & XII the timing for Regular Classes are from 3: 00 PM – 8: 00 PM
For Class XII+ the timing for Regular Classes are from 7: 30 AM – 1: 15 PM

Q. 66. If a student has opted for both Bio and Math, then will you provide coaching for both the subjects?

Answer: Student can enrol either for PCM or PCB at RESONANCE. And the doubts concerned to the optional subject (either Biology or Maths) can be clarified at doubt counter with the permission of Management. If the student wants to study entire subject, separate arrangements may be done by paying additional fee.

FAQs about Teaching Methodology

O. Doubt Class

Q. 67. Do you provide Doubt Classes to the Students?

Answer: Resonance has a very well-defined doubt schedule & well-designed doubt rooms.

Q. 68. What are the timings of doubt Classes?

Answer: PCM/PCB teachers are available in following slots to solve student’s doubts:
Morning: 09: 30 am to 01: 15 pm and Evening: 04: 45 pm to 08: 00 pm.

FAQs about Teaching Methodology

P. Testing System & Results

Q. 69. What is the frequency of Tests held at RESONANCE?

Answer: Around 12 Periodic Assessment Tests Apart from that many full syllabus tests, JEE (Main) /Pre-Medical pattern tests are conducted throughout the year.

Q. 70. How do you communicate results to parents?

Answer: Student performance report is available on RESONANCE website in “Student Zone” section. Result is also communicated to the Student/ Parents via SMS. You can also call on our dedicated helpline numbers to know your ward's academic performance. You can also visit for more detailed result analysis.

Q. 71. How will I come to know if my ward is absent in Test?

Answer: If the students skip or is irregular in any test, then we will communicate this information to parents on their registered mobile number through SMS & Call both.

Q. 72. How do you appreciate students who are performing good in their Internal Tests?

Answer: The students performing well in every batch are rewarded in the classroom itself under an activity called Resonance Student’s Hard Work Appreciation and Reward Program (ResoSHARP). Toppers and improving students are given small monetary award to motivate them.

FAQs about Teaching Methodology

Q. Board Support

Q. 73. Is there any preparation for NCERT and Board exams along with the preparation of Pre-Medical/JEE (Main)?

Answer: Yes, our study material is designed in such a manner that the student can prepare for both Board as well as Competitive exams.

Q. 74. Is there any special board course available for interested Students?

Answer: Resonance has separate division (Para Schooling Program Division) which is specializes in board preparation. This division organizes a 3-month short term course focussing only on Board preparation for students preparing for Pre-Medical, JEE (Main) & JEE (Advanced). This course is optional and separate fee is charged for this course.

Q. 75. How will a student come to know about this Board course?

Answer: The information related to Board course will be displayed on notice boards of all floors and announcement in their respective classes. Student will be notified via SMS.

FAQ specific to JEE (Main) Division

R. About Exams

Q. 76. What is the mode of JEE (MAIN) examination?

Answer: JEE (Main) is now 100% computer-based Test (CBT) and is conducted in online mode only.

Q. 77. How many times a student can appear in JEE (Main) Exam?

Answer: JEE (Main) Exam can be taken twice in a session and 6 times overall. Student can attempt this exam with 12th appearing and continue 2 years after 12th Exam. The Number of attempts for Admission in an academic session will be treated as one.

Q. 78. What are the Dates of JEE (Main) Exams?

Answer: JEE (Main) exam can be attempted twice in a year, once in January & again in April.

Q. 79. Is it necessary to appear in JEE (Main) Examination twice? If I give the examination on both the occasions, which score will be considered?

Answer: No, it is not necessary to appear in JEE (Main) twice. It is optional for the candidate to appear once or twice for the current academic session. In case a candidate appears in both the tests, the better of the two scores will be used for the admissions.

Q. 80. Which Colleges take students through JEE (Main) Exam?

Answer: Through JEE (Main) Student Can take Admission in Following Colleges:
(1) National Institutes of Technology (NITs)- There are total 31 NITs
(2) Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIITs)- There are total 26 IIITs
(3) Government Funded Technical Institute (GFTIs) – There are total 23 GFTI
(4) Other State & Private Colleges

Q. 81. Is there any eligibility Criteria of Board percentage to take admission in NITs/IIITs/GFTIs?

Answer: For admissions to NITs/ IIITs/ GFTIs: Candidates must secure a minimum 75% marks in class XII or equivalent exam or be in the top 20 percentiles in their class XII exam conducted by the respective board. For SC/ ST candidates, the eligibility criteria is to secure 65% marks in class XII or equivalent exam.

Q. 82. If a student wants to repeat Class 11th, is there any effect on his/her JEE(Main) attempt count?

Answer: No, there is no effect on JEE (Main) count. 1st attempt will be considered only with Class 12th appearing.

Q. 83. What is the difference between JEE (Main) & JEE (Advanced)?

• JEE (Main) is conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency), while JEE (Adv.) is conducted by JAB (JEE Advanced Board).
• Through JEE (Main) student can take admission is NITs/IIITs/GFTI and other state government/Private colleges where in JEE (Advanced) student can take admission in IIT Colleges.
• After JEE (Main) attempt Student must clear cut off declared by NTA to be eligible for JEE(Advanced).
• JEE (Main) is taken by almost 11 Lakh students, while JEE (Adv.) is taken by around 1.6 Lakh students.
• JEE (Main) is generally considered easier than JEE (Adv.) Paper.
• JEE (Main) is a one paper exam of 3 Hr. While in JEE (Adv.) two papers are conducted of 3 Hrs each.
• JEE (Main) is of 360 Marks, while JEE (Adv.) has no fixed marking system.
• JEE (Main) has fixed paper pattern of 90 Questions (30 each in PCM), while JEE (Adv.) has no fixed pattern although PCM have equal weightage in both paper 1 and paper 2.

FAQ specific to JEE (Main) Division

S. Counselling Process

Q. 84. What is JoSAA?

Answer: JoSAA is an acronym for “Joint Seat Allocation Authority”. It is constituted by the Ministry of HRD to oversee joint seat allocation for the IITs, NITs, IIITs and other GFTIs. It consists of representatives from the Joint Admission Board (JAB) (for IITs) and the Central Seat Allocation Board (CSAB) (for NITs, IIITs and Other-GFTIs). JoSAA is the ONLY authorized agency responsible for joint seat allocation.

Q. 85. Is there any other agency for conducting the seat allocation to IITs and NITs?

Answer: No agency other than JoSAA is responsible for joint seat allocation for IITs and NIT+ Institutes. Candidates seeking information / assistance from any agency / agent other than JoSAA shall be doing so at their own risk and cost.

Q. 86. I have qualified in JEE Advanced 2019/JEE Main 2019. Is it mandatory to register in JoSAA to get a seat in IITs, NITs, IIITs (Triple-I-Ts) and Other-GFTIs?

Answer: JoSAA 2019 Registration and choice filling process is mandatory for any qualified candidate interested in joining any of the IITs, NITs, IIITs and Other-GFTIs (within the purview of JoSAA 2019).

Q. 87. What is CSAB?

Answer: CSAB is an acronym for “Central Seat Allocation Board”. It is an agency constituted by the Ministry of HRD. It is entrusted with the responsibility of admission for the various undergraduate courses offered by the National Institutes of Technology (NITs), Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs or Triple-I-Ts) and a few other technical Institutes funded fully or partially by Central or a State government (Other-GFTIs). These Institutes are collectively referred to as NIT+ Institutes.

Q. 88. What is JoSAA registration? Is there any registration fee?

Answer: After initial login, you will be asked to reconfirm/correct a few details, viz. gender, state code of eligibility, nationality and contact details. This is the registration process. After that you will proceed for filling-in of your program choices. There is no payment for the registration and choice filling.

Q. 89. What is the JoSAA registration process?

Answer: Login to the JoSAA portal using JEE Main 2019 or JEE Advanced 2019 credentials. Then reconfirm (or correct, if required) your basic details, viz., gender, nationality, and state code of eligibility along with the contact details. No other personal data can be modified.

Q. 90. What is the time of JoSAA registration and choice filling?

Answer: Tentatively from June 2019 to August 2019.

Q. 91. When should I pay any money to JoSAA and how much should I pay?

If you are offered a seat in any round of seat allocation process, then for accepting the seat you must pay seat acceptance fee and report at a reporting centre for document verification. Seat acceptance fee for SC/ST/PwD candidates is expected to be Rs. 15,000/- and for others it is expected to be Rs. 35,000/-. Fee will be deposited using the following modes of payment: Online Banking of State Bank of India ONLY, debit cards issued by State Bank of India ONLY or through e-Challan from State Bank of India ONLY before coming to the Reporting Centre.

Q. 92. What are the qualifying examinations for admission to NIT+ Institutes?

Answer: Candidates qualified in either one or both JEE Main 2019 Paper-1 (B.E. / B.Tech.) and JEE Main 2019 Paper-2 (B.Arch. / B. Planning) are eligible for admission to NIT+ Institutes. However, merely qualifying in these examinations does not guarantee admission in any of the Institute. Each Institute / academic program has additional eligibility requirements which candidates must satisfy to get admission.

Q. 93. Can JoSAA prepare / announce JEE Main 2019 ranks?

Answer: No. JEE Main 2019 ranks are provided by the JEE Apex Board. JoSAA 2019 uses these ranks as such without any further change.

Q. 94. What are the rank lists?

Answer: Common rank list (CRL) where everyone will be considered; CRL-PwD where anyone with disabilities will be considered. For OBC-NCL candidates, OBC-NCL and OBC-NCL-PwD are included. Similarly, in SC list, both SC and SC-PwD are included, and in ST list, both ST and ST-PwD rank lists are included.

Q. 95. Is there any information of Colleges, Counselling guidelines & Exam tips provided by Resonance to Crack JEE (Main)?

Answer: Yes, Resonance JMD Division has designed a counselling Hand-out where Name of NITs, GFTIs, IIITs and their total no. of seats are available. Also includes opening and closing ranks of colleges and exam guidelines By Toppers Students and by senior academic team of Resonance. For details please refer to Resonance JEE (Main) Counselling Hand-out.

Q. 96. What are the options, if a student does not clear the Board percentage (75%/65%) or top 20 percentile criteria?

Answer: Through JEE (Main) Student can take admission in all State govt. Engineering colleges & private prominent Engineering colleges. Almost all state and pvt engineering colleges in India take admission based on JEE (Main) Rank.

FAQs specific to Pre-Medical Division

T. About Exams

A career in medicine is one of the oldest and most respected professions; it allows the potential to impact human life with the power to save life and heal illness of living being.
NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test):
NEET (UG) is All India Common Entrance Exam for Under Graduate Medical aspirants. The exam is conducted by NTA for the admission in 15% All India Quota Seats of MBBS & BDS in almost all Medical & Dental Collages of India except AIIMS & JIPMER. States have also started filling their State quota seats based on NEET Score from NEET-2017.
Q. 97. What is the Eligibility criteria for NEET-UG?

• The student must have completed the minimum age of 17 year by 31st December of exam year.
• The candidate who is appearing in Class XII Board Exam or should have passed the higher secondary examinations or equivalent of 10+2 examination with PCB any other elective.
• A candidate must have passed the subjects of PCB & English individually and a minimum of 50% marks taken together in PCB. For SC/ST/OBC candidates, the eligible criteria would be 40%.

Q. 98. What is the Pattern of NEET Exam?

• It is an Offline (Pen & Paper based) test of 3 hours in which total 180 single response type questions are asked. 45 Questions are from Physics, 45 from Chemistry & 90 from Biology.
• 4 marks are awarded for every correct Answer & -1 for wrong Answer, 0 for not attempting the question.
• Candidate can opt for question paper in English, Hindi or few other Regional Languages.

AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences):
AIIMS is the most esteemed Medical Institute in India for Medical Sciences. For the admission in MBBS Courses of AIIMS, it conducts an online objective type Entrance Exam.

Q. 99. What is the Eligibility criteria for AIIMS?

• The student must have completed the minimum age of 17 years.
• A candidate must have passed the subjects of PCB & English individually and a minimum of 60% for General & OBC, 50% for SC/ST & 45% for PWBD.

Q. 100. What is the Pattern of AIIMS Exam?

Answer: It is an online exam of 3.5 hours in which 200 questions are asked. 60 questions are from Physics, 60 from Chemistry & 60 of Biology. 10 questions from G.K. and 10 from Aptitude & logical thinking.
+1 marks is given for correct Answer while one third (1/3) mark is deducted for wrong Answer.

Q. 101. What is the cut off score to be declared qualified in AIIMS?

Answer: The cut off score to be declared as qualified in AIIMS is 50% Marks for General, 45% for OBC, 40% for SC & ST.

JIPMER (Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research:
JIPMER College is in Puducherry. Registration for this exam starts in March & exam is conducted in June. The Institute conducts Online Entrance Test for the 200 Seats (150 of Puducherry Campus & 50 of Karaikal Campus)

Q. 102. What is the Eligibility criteria for JIPMER?

• The student must have completed the minimum age of 17 years & there is no upper age limit for JIPMER 2019.
• The aspirant must score 50% Marks (aggregate in P, C, and B & English) in Class XII for general Category & 40% for OBC, SC, ST & PH Categories.

Q. 103. What is the Pattern for JIPMER exam?

• It is an Online exam of 2.5 hour in which 200 questions are asked. 60 questions are from Physics, 60 from Chemistry & 60 of Biology and 10 each from English & Logical Reasoning.
• The exam is conducted only in English Language.
• Each correct answer is awarded with 1 mark and incorrect with -1/3

Q. 104. What are the top most colleges for Medical in India?

Answer: The preferred colleges for Medical are as follows:

Q. 105. What are the important branches for Career in Medicine?

Answer:The following branches are associated with Medicine:
• Allopathy
• Homeopathy
• Ayurveda
• Unani
• Naturopathy
• Siddha

Q. 106. I want to know more about Medical Stream- like Exams Tips, Collages, Seats & other courses.

Answer:: RESONANCE PRE-MEDICAL DIVISION assists you with proper counseling regarding your career in medicine. For the detailed information you can visit our PRE-MEDICAL CAMPUS.
We have also designed a handbook having detailed information about all the courses & medical related queries. For details kindly refer to the RESONANCE PRE-MEDICAL Counseling Handbook.

FAQs specific to Pre-Medical Division

U. Counselling Process

Q. 107. Who are eligible for NEET UG 15% All India Quota Counselling?

All candidates who have qualified for All India Quota seats based on their rank in NEET UG conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) except J&K. Eligible candidates may download the Rank letter/ Result from Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) website (http: // Cut-off rank of eligible candidates is also available on this website under heading of notice. For this year cut off rank for 15% All India Quota is same as that of MCI/DCI cut-off.

Q. 108. Who are eligible for Deemed Universities Counselling?

All candidates who have qualified for All India Quota seats based on their rank in NEET UG conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Q. 109. Who are eligible for ESIC Counselling?

Regarding eligibility for ESI 15% of seats would be allotted through All India Quota and seats left over after contribution to state quota would be reserved for candidates who are Wards of Insured persons of ESI. The data of Insured persons will be validated by ESI Authorities and this will be incorporated in the NIC software before the processing of result (priority for groups will be as per ESI Policy).

Q. 110. Who are eligible for AFMC Counselling?

Candidates who desire to participate in AFMS Counselling will be allowed to register with an option that they are willing to take part in AFMS Counselling and the list of such candidates will be sent to AFMS Authorities for conducting Offline counselling with respect to Physical Fitness and Personality Test. The result will be sent back to MCC for display on MCC website.

Q. 111. What is All India Rank?

All India Rank (AIR) is over all AIPMT, as given by CBSE, is based on rank among the successful candidates, of NEET UG on All India basis.

Q. 112. What is All India Quota Rank?

This is the rank for All India Quota seat allotment, except candidates from J&K. As per directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court the candidates from J&K are not eligible to participate for 15 % All India Quota Counselling (Please also see clause 9 of, Information Bulletin of AIPMT for admission to MBBS/BDS Courses published by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for details).

Q. 113. What is the process of online allotment?

: a. Main Counselling Registration including payment b. Exercising of Choices and locking of choices c. Process of Seat Allotment – 1st Round d. Round 1 Result Publication e. reporting at the allotted Medical/Dental College against 1st Round (free entry/exit option available). f. Publication of net vacant seats g. Registration & Fresh Choice submission by eligible candidates for 2nd Round (not required by already registered candidates). h. Process of Seat Allotment – 2nd Round (exit with forfeiture of security amount option available). i. Round 2 Result Publication j. reporting at the Medical / Dental Colleges /Institutions against 2nd Round (candidates once joined the allotted seat against 2nd Round are not allowed to vacate the seat). END of 15 % All India Counselling and reverting of Non-Joined, Not Allotted seats to state quota. Mop Up Round for Deemed/ Central Universities a. Fresh Registration for Mop up Round (not required for earlier resigned candidates) b. Choice filling/ Choice Locking c. Process of Seat Allotment for Mop up Round. d. Result Publication for Mop Up Round e. Reporting at the Allotted Medical/ Dental College after Mop Up Round f. List of ten times (of the registered candidates) of number of Stray vacancies to be sent to Deemed / Central Universities to be exhausted strictly in order of merit. g. Final Stray Vacancy Round to be conducted by Deemed/ Central Universities (There will be no Fresh Registration of Candidates in Final Stray Vacancy Round)

Q. 114. What is free exit for 1st round mean?

Free exit for 1st Round means if a candidate allotted a seat in 1st Round and even if candidate does not report/join the allotted college he would not be penalized and eligible for subsequent rounds.

Q. 115. What does exit with forfeiture mean in 2nd round of counselling?

Exit with forfeiture means if a candidate allotted a seat in 2nd round of counselling and does not want to join the allotted seat he can still exit with forfeiture (losing security amount deposited) and once candidate joined the allotted seat would not be eligible for resigning/surrender of joined seat.

Q. 116. When counselling process will start for NEET 2019?

It will start approx. after 7 days of NEET result declaration.

FAQs General

Q. 117. How shall we come to know about our ward's attendance & performance?

Answer: At Resonance, we offer the mentioned services to keep the parents informed and updated about their ward's performance and attendance. Student's Attendance in Regular Classes: We do take the attendance of students coming to the class daily. Any student whosoever is found absent in the class without any prior intimation or a sanctioned leave then a SMS will be sent on the parent's mobile number of that student intimating them about their wards absence. In case, of a long absenteeism, the parents are informed in writing and if the reason for absence is not found genuine and satisfactory then a disciplinary action is taken against the student which can be financial or suspension from classes. The same procedure is followed in the periodic tests. Student's Academic Performance: A Personal communication to the parents (3-4 times by post) about the wards performance is also made by the institute in the form of Student's Academic Performance and Evaluation Report (SAPER). It comprises of the Marks scored by the student in the Periodic Tests held at Resonance, Centre Rank, All Resonance Rank, Percentage, Percentile, overall Graphical representation of the student's performance and a summary of student's attendance. Also provided macro/micro analysis, which parent can check from student section on resonance website. Important NOTE: The result of the students is also communicated to the parents through SMS after every test and parents can also check the performance of their ward on the succeeding Monday of the test on our website under the Student's Corner section.

Q. 118. When Student can get I-Card after Admission?

Answer: I-CARD is given to students in class within a week of class commencement.

Q. 119. How will I come to know that my ward is attending his classes regularly or not?

Answer: At RESONANCE we have Attendance Monitoring Cell that tracks student’s attendance and Parents are notified via SMS and Phone calls if the student is irregular in his/her class.

Q. 120. Is there any fine policy to Students for Rule Breaking?

Answer: Yes, Resonance has various Rules against indiscipline to maintain positive environment in Campus. Not wearing uniform, Exchange of I-Card, Class bunk, Carrying Mobile phone at test venue etc. are act of indiscipline.
For details of Nature of offence and fine charge please refer to ResoBook Page no. 11 & 12.

Q. 121. What is caution Money?

Answer: Resonance charges a small refundable amount of Rs. 2000/- as caution money for every new admission.

Q. 122. Why Caution money is charged with fee at the time of admission?

Answer: Caution money will be used to deduct all disciplinary fines imposed on student during the session, without asking the student to make any separate payment.

Q. 123. When is the caution money refunded to students?

Answer: The caution money is refunded to the students once the course gets completed or student leaves the Institute in mid-session. Normally it is refunded in the month of October/November.

Q. 124. Can Students take leave?

Answer: Yes, student can take leave under our leave policy. Please refer to ResoBook Page no. 12 for details.

Q. 125. Is there any provision of Batch Change?

Answer: The batch change is allowed only in extraordinary cases. Batch change after shuffling is not allowed.

Q. 126. Does Food/Mess Facilities are available for students in Kota?

Answer: Kota caters to more than 1.5 Lakh students from various parts of India. Therefore, Kota has substantial number of messes, Restaurants etc. to cater to these students. These messes also provide Home delivery of tiffin every day. You can also visit them for your meals.

Q. 127. Does Resonance Provide Form Filling Facility to Students?

Answer: Yes, Resonance provide form filling facility for exams like JEE (Main), JEE (Advanced), NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER.

Q. 128. Is there any procedure for taking admission in school?

Answer: Yes, you can take admission in school either in your home town or in Kota City also. There are many schools in Kota where you can take admission for both 11th and 12th class in English and Hindi Medium. Kota has both RBSE & CBSE schools to cater to all students.

Q. 129. Is there any refund policy for students, who want to leave Resonance for some reason?

Answer: Yes, At RESONANCE we have a fair & reasonable refund policy which is available on website or RESOGuide section-7, Page no. 17.

Q. 130. Does RESONANCE have any conveyance facility?

Answer: There are many Van operators in Kota. Many hostels operate their own vans. Resonance also has a dedicated team to help students in this regard.

Q. 131. Is there Drinking Water facility available in campus?

Answer: Yes, RO drinking water is available on every floor.

Q. 132. Is there food facility (Canteen) available for students in campus?

Answer: Yes, Canteen is available for students for light refreshment in all campuses.

Q. 133. Is there any provision to change the Study Centre or Course?

Answer: Yes, the student can change their Study Centre or Course by filing in appropriate form and by paying applicable fee.

Q. 134. Is there any health care facility for RESONANCE Students?

Answer: Yes, we have health care cell on 2nd floor of CG Tower 1. The health care cell has medical practioners as well as psychologists to counsel students in stress. For details of Doctors and their timings please refer to ResoBook Page no 14.

Q. 135. Will students get Leave for School Examinations?

Answer: The regular classes will end before the starting of school exams and the students can prepare well and stay at home during examinations.

Q. 136. Is there any hostel facility for students at RESONANCE?

Answer: Yes, RESONANCE has its own Hostels for Boys as well as Girls exclusively for RESONites. We also provide free transport facility for Girls from our hostels. You can visit our hostel only after purchasing the admission packet.

Q. 137. What are the cost of living charges for a student at Kota?

Answer: For residence there are many options in Kota City. You can come and visit here and can choose the best option suitable for you. Also, you can get the assistance regarding this at RESONANCE HOSTEL COUNTER.

Q. 138. What is the Fees of RESONANCE Hostel?

Answer: The fee for Reso Hostels are as mentioned below –
• Single Room: Rs.11500, Rs.13000, Rs.16500 & for
• Double Room: Rs. 10500, Rs.11500, Rs.15500 respectively.

Q. 139. What Facilities are provided at ResoHOSTELS?

Answer:Following facilities provided By ResoHOSTELS:
• Laundry Services managed by professionals
• 24 hrs. power back up
• 24 hrs. Helpline for parents
• 24 hrs. water supply
• Air-Conditioned Room
• Cleaning done by professional
• CCTV monitored galleries
• Food that satisfies all taste buds.
• Premium quality mattress, pillow & bed sheets for Students
• Attached Washroom with plastic accessories
• Surprise visits by Resonance Management

Q. 140. What is the option for Stay, if ResoHOSTELS is full?

Answer: There are many Hostels and PG services available in Kota separate for Girls & Boys. Student can take Hostels list from Reception and can choose the best.

Q. 141. What is the process of Batch formation and reshuffling in JEE (Main)/Pre-Medical?

Answer: There is a proper process followed by Resonance Management team for Batches Formation, Merging & reshuffling. For more details Please refer to ResoBook page no 6.

Q. 142. What is girls care cell and its functions?

Answer: Resonance has formed Girls Care Cell (GCC) to take care of our girl Students where Girl Student Can discuss any of her Academic and personal Problem. The Girls care cell is headed by senior female counsellor. Our girl students can approach them to discuss & resolve any type of issue, personal, Academic, Health or any other issue.
For details please refer to ResoBook Page no. 13.

Q. 143. Is there any Grievance Resolution Facility available for Students?

Answer: Yes Resonance has a proper process of Grievance Resolution named ResoGHAR (Resonance Grievance Handling and Redressal). Using this system students can directly share their problems and issues with us and seek suitable Redressal. Grievance can be related to academic or management functions.

Q. 144. What is ASHA Program, please elaborate?

Answer: Arts, Sports and Health Activities (ASHA) is an initiative of Shree Sewaram charitable Trust (SSRCT), KOTA in association with Resonance Eduventures Limited. The Managing Director of Resonance Mr. R.K Verma is also the trustee of SSRCT. The aim of ASHA is to bring a lot of opportunities for students like literary arts, performance arts, fine arts, sports (indoor and outdoor) and health activities.
For details please refer to ASHA leaflet.

Q. 145. What activities Run by Resonance to build good relations with Students & improve their academic performance?

Answer: There are a lot of Activities planned by Resonance for students like ResoSHARP, ResoCIRCLE, ResoSMILE, ResoTIPS, RESOSparsh, Target Tour, motivation sessions etc.
For more details please refer to ResoBook page no.18, 19.

Q. 146. Where to contact, if student wants any operational support during Session?

Answer: Resonance has team of expert counsellor where student can ask anything about Resonance functions to them, Also Resonance has developed an operations team (Student Zone) for Student support during session.
To know functions of Student zone please refer to ResoBook Page no 13.

Q. 147. Where to contact, if student having any Query in Test Results & Test Paper?

Answer: Student can contact to Mr. Diwakar Sharma (Contact No.9983712243) for Test Paper, Test Marks & Answer Key related query.

Q. 148. Where to contact, if student having any Query during exam?

Answer: Student can contact to Mr. Ghanshyam Verma (contact No.7728890123) for any exam, Retest related query.

If You are not satisfy with answer then send us your query